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Why You Should Care About Cholesterol

Missing Images! Why You Should Care About Cholesterol
Having diabetes means you’re more likely to have high cholesterol. Do you know your best bets when it comes to food and exercising?

8 Snacks that Fight Heart Disease

fruit heart 8 Snacks that Fight Heart Disease
Diet plays at least as big role as genetics in preventing — even reversing — heart disease. These 8 foods top the list of heart-healthy snacks.


20 Reasons for Blood Sugar Swings

Missing Images! 20 Reasons for Blood Sugar Swings
Are your levels all over the place even when you’re eating right? These culprits could be to blame.

10 Stress-Reducing Foods

Missing Images! 10 Stress-Reducing Foods
Stress can send your blood sugar soaring. The foods you eat can help give your mood a boost. Here’s what to try.

Your Diabetes Emergency Kit

Missing Images! Your Diabetes Emergency Kit
Prepare for a power failure or a natural disaster — pack these items into an easy-to-grab bag.

The Sun and Your Skin

What the Sun Does to Your Skin
You may like the golden hue, but a suntan is a sign of skin damage, and it can raise your cancer risk. Here are some other dangers of catching too many rays.
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  • Skin Cancer: Do You Know the Warning Signs?
  • What Your Skin Says About Your Health
  • Your Eyes Can Get Sunburned, Too