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12 Tips for Exercising With Nerve Pain

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12 Tips for Exercising With Nerve Pain
Moving more when you have neuropathy can help control the pain, as long as you work out safely. Here’s how.

How Diabetes Affects Your Eyes

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How Diabetes Affects Your Eyes
High blood sugar can cause irreversible damage to your sight, but regular eye exams can catch problems early.

A healthy way to get angry

Everybody gets mad sometimes. And goodness knows dementia caregivers get more than their fair share of opportunities for anger. So let it out, with this caveat: Aim to get mad away from your loved one.

The emotional vibe in the house reverberates long after a specific incident. So you may explode and then feel sheepish but better, but your loved one only picks up on the negativity. And that vague agitation or upset can boomerang back at you later.

Better: Leave the room to curse in the mirror or punch a pillow. Call a trusted friend to grouse.

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Simple changes that work miracles, more

Facing a hard patch? Try serving dessert first. Sometimes the simplest switches can work miracles, particularly when the aim is to do something that makes your loved one happy.

Many people with Alzheimer’s love sweets and dessert. If meals have become tense or evening sundowning is an issue, it can make more sense to offer the most fun part of the meal first, rather than as a reward at the end, the way we’ve grown up thinking about dessert. You get better cooperation, and your loved one gets a lot of pleasure. (And if he or she still refuses the veggies after, so what?)

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Just For You
The Cheerful Caregiver: Caregiver, have confidence!

Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy. ““ Norman Vincent Peale

Parting Smile
“Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.”

— Chili Davis, baseball player

Know a Teen with Type 2?

Know a Teen with Type 2?

Check out our FREE resource developed specifically for teens and their families. Managing diabetes as a teen or adolescent comes with different challenges than an adult or child may face. Be Healthy Today; Be Healthy for Life is catered to teens, featuring information on healthy food choices, physical activity, reading food labels, medications, a diabetes glossary and more. Inform the teen in your life as they continue toward a healthy lifestyle.

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What Is Your Skin Telling You?

Missing Images! What Your Skin Says About Your Health
Some skin changes could point to diabetes or other serious conditions. Tell your doctor if you have these symptoms so she can make the final call.

18 Secrets for a Longer Life

Missing Images! 18 Secrets for a Longer Life
There’s much more to it than just eating right and exercising. Make sure you do these things, too.

Top 10 Health Questions Answered

Missing Images! Top 10 Health Questions Answered
Can you be overweight and healthy? Are short workouts worth it? Is microwaved food unsafe? We have the answers.