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Five Kinds of Music that Help Alzheimer’s Patients

Music can have a strong effect on people with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. But as the disease progresses, what surprises many people is the strength of this effect. Sometimes hearing music can create a seeming “snapping out of it” for the person with severe dementia.

The mental grooves laid down by music are deep and multifaceted — they exist in several different areas of the brain. People who are barely verbal have been known to sing hymns loudly and clearly or play the piano beautifully. Those who find it hard to walk may try to “shake a leg” and dance. Even if the effects aren’t so profound for your loved one, the mood-boosting benefits of music are definitely worth keeping in his or her life.

>>Try these 5 kinds of music that can be especially effective.

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Ten Health Rules You Shouldn’t Follow

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Don’t Believe These Health Myths
Does skipping breakfast lead to weight gain? Are eggs really bad for your heart? We have these answers and more.

What Star Wars Can Teach Us About Aging Well

The Alzheimer's Prevention Diet What Star Wars Can Teach Us About Aging Well

As moviegoers flock to theaters for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” we’ve rounded up our favorite pearls of wisdom about aging from the beloved sci-fi franchise.

Senior Connection Center’s November Newsletter

December 2015
The Area Agency on Aging serving seniors and their caregivers in Hillsborough, Polk, Manatee, Highlands, and Hardee Counties
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Happy Holidays!
Save Money on Medicare
Stay Healthy During the Holidays
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Patty has been with Senior Connection Center since 2004. She holds a Master of Arts Degree in Counseling from Rider University, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from Bethany College and is a Certified Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Instructor. Patty is a founding member of the Better Living for Seniors Coalition of Hillsborough County. She serves on the Board of Directors for Tampa Bay Workforce Alliance and volunteers as a Pledge Host for WEDU / PBS Public Media.

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Happy Holidays!poinsettias.jpg
Happy Holidays from the Senior Connection Center! The holidays can be a joyful time of celebration. However, for many older adults, families and caregivers the holidays present unique challenges. Caregiving can be complicated by the busyness of the season and changes brought about by family visits and memories of seasons past. There are ways that can help caregivers manage the seasonal stress.
Many older adults may suffer from depression during the holidays. Here are some tips to help prevent triggers.
The holidays can bring out grinches galore! During this season, thieves and scammers often prey on older adults. Here are some tips to prevent you or someone you know from becoming a victim.

 Save Money on Medicare Costs

How much are you paying out-of-pocket for your Medicare costs? On average, beneficiaries spend $38,688 out-of-pocket toward medical assistance during the last five years of life. Medicare does cover a large amount of health care expenses for its beneficiaries; however, the program does not cover everything. Fortunately, with 2016 approaching, you might be able to save money by inquiring about your eligibility status for help with Medicare costs.
The Extra Help (LIS) Program and the Medicare Savings Program (MSP) have proven to be very helpful for eligible beneficiaries. The Extra Help program assists with annual deductibles, co-payments, and monthly premiums for Medicare prescription drug plans (Medicare part D). The Medicare Savings Program consists of four programs. Each program aids in financial assistance for either the Medicare part B premium, Medicare part A premium, or additional costs associated with both parts of Medicare. If you are unsure of whether you qualify for any financial assistance with your plans, the Florida Department of Elder Affairs’ SHINE (Serving Health Insurance Needs of Elders) Program can help determine your eligibility.
The SHINE program helps current and prospective Medicare beneficiaries to understand their options. SHINE volunteers are trained to offer free, unbiased, and confidential information and counseling concerning Medicare. All current and soon-to-be Medicare beneficiaries are welcome to schedule appointments to speak with a counselor over the phone or during a face-to-face session. The program serves Highlands, Hardee, Hillsborough, Polk, and Manatee counties. Appointments can be made by contacting the SHINE program at 1-800-96-ELDER (1-800-963-5337). For more information, you may also visit online at

Stay Healthy During the Holidays

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides twelve ways (in song form) to stay healthy during the holidays.


Holiday Health and Safety Tips

We offer several Health and Wellness courses that can benefit you. Our Living Healthy program can increase your ability to manage a chronic disease like diabetes while maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. Our Eating Healthy Every Day program can safely and effectively help improve your eating habits. Our Active Living Every Dayprogram can teach you ways to incorporate physical activity into your daily life.


Elder Helpline

During a holiday visit you may notice that your parent or grandparent may need help. The Administration on Aging’s (AoA) “10 Warning Signs Your Older Family Member May Need Help” provides a useful guide. Changed eating habits, neglected personal hygiene, changed relationship patterns or mishandled finances may be indicators that help is needed. Additional signs include exhibiting unusual forgetfulness, physical issues and inappropriate behavior. A change in behavior patterns, as well as withdrawing from social activities, may also serve as warning signs.
The dedicated individuals that staff our Elder Helpline provide confidential advice and referral assistance to seniors in need of programs or services and are able to locate resources for callers.

If you or an elder family member needs information about aging services or advice on where to turn for assistance, call the Elder Helpline at 1-800-96-ELDER.  Our specialists are highly trained, caring individuals who can discuss needs, find programs or services to meet those needs, and provide information on how to get connected to aging resources in your area.




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All of our services are available at no cost.  We receive funding from state and federal grants administered by the Florida Department of Elder Affairs. The rest of our expenses are met through the donations of generous and caring individuals and corporations.  We urge you to support those companies that help us with our mission.
As the demand for our services increases, so does the need for funds to administer our programs. Your generous donation will assure the continuing support of those in need.

Action Alert


Diabetes research is in trouble and the American Diabetes Association needs your voice. 

Yes, I will take action!

Congress will go home for the year soon, but diabetes research and prevention programs are still in trouble. That’s because funding the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention still hasn’t been approved.

RAISE YOUR VOICE! Tell your members of Congress that they need to do their part to Stop Diabetes® by passing an appropriations bill that increases funds for type 1 and type 2 diabetes research and programs.

This funding is vital to every American who struggles 24/7 against diabetes and its complications – and every American trying to avoid this terrible disease.

Will you tell Congress to support all those living with, and at risk for, diabetes?

Together, we can Stop Diabetes!


Meghan Riley Signature

Meghan Riley
Vice President, Federal Government Affairs
American Diabetes Association

Why Your Pancreas Is So Important

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Why Your Pancreas Is So Important
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Famous Faces of Diabetes

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Famous Faces of Diabetes
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